21st "Pink and Black" party ideas?!

Question: 21st "Pink and Black" party ideas?
My 21st birthday is this weekend and I'm throwing the party at my house. I want it to be black and pink themed. I need help with ideas for this? Decorations? Entertainment? food? Thanks!


Pink food -
Strawberry or chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.
Pink candy.
Pink lemonade.
Pink iced cookies.

Black food -

Decorate it with pink and black balloons. Pink and black cups and plates.

I've heard that Elvis was a fan of pink & black, so you could play his music... hang black 45's (records) as decorations, maybe some other 1950's-themed items like hula-hoops (pink)... black & pink crepe paper and balloons would look great, too.

As for food, the first thing that came to mind was Good & Plenty candy-- they're pink & white on the outside, black (licorice) on the inside. They would look cute in candy dishes scattered around the room! Have a fun birthday!

You could make it into a Playboy Bunny theme. Lingerie, Pajamas, Smoking robes for attire.
Shrimp and cocktail sauce with an avocado garnish in a plastic martini glass (that way you control the portions).
Smoked salmon, creme fraiche, red onion, dill and caviar if you can afford it on a pizza crust. (Google for recipes)
Themed cocktails should be easy, just go to www.webtender.com

Pink Food
pink champagne, pink lemonade, shrimp, salmon, red bliss potatoes, strawberry or raspberry mousse, pink peppermint ice cream (maybe in a cake with devil's food layers?) candy floss

Black food is more difficult!
squid ink linquine (maybe with shrimp?), liquorice, devil's food cake, black fondant icing

Pink Lemon Ade
Pudding with black food coloring.

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