I need ideas for my 18th bd party!?!

Question: I need ideas for my 18th bd party!?
My 18th birthday party is coming up. Its a costume party. Its not a drinking or smoking party. I need ideas on what to do. Nothing too lame please, I need something interesting enough. Like just things to do during the party.


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Here's an idea, but forgive me if it does not sound like a party going event.
Have everyone make a joke about something that happened in their pastime and everyone takes turns, and don't forget to blast the music really hard so I can hear it here in NY okay?

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You could do a mystery murder themed game. It could be a lot of fun for people to get into character and entertaining enough for people to not leave and end up calling your birthday lame.


1920's theme

Tell people you're trying to re-create burning man, without the desert.

Rainbow party, assign everyone a different colour which they will incorporate into a (non-alcoholic) drink, or some kind of food as well as an outfit!

have little games like activities...i'm not much a drinking or smoking party guy so what we do is we just have a movie and eat together and sometimes play board games. or find fun activities online and use them.

These two sites have some good ideas-



there should be alcohol, or the party will die, your 18.

drinking games, poker, google party games.

You could do characters from a movie or a video game.

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