I was wondering how much a two stacked cake would be?!

Question: I was wondering how much a two stacked cake would be?
The top piece is for us to save and the bottom is for us and our guests to eat. Which will only be about 30 people but I still wanted a nice delicious cake I just dont need a very big one. I was thinking about any good flavors too. Non-fondant. And filling ideas too. Its a fall wedding and any help would be greatly appreciated. I


I don't know how much it would be where you live, I would suggest calling local bakeries.
In my area, a small 2 tier would be $120.- plus extra for a filling.Raspberry is quite popular.

I don't know if you bake at all or know someone willing to do it for you but something that small would be pretty simple to do
Check out
you can find lots of recipes,decoration ideas and information on how to do it
You may also find the following site helpful if you decide to bake it yourself

There are different types of cakes and fillings, decorations, etc you need to consider. So for instance, if you get a chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries you will pay more than a chocolate cake without the strawberries. Go to your local bakery or grocery store with a bakery and get pricing.

There's really no way go guess at what it would cost. It depends on where you live, what type of cake, decorations, etc. If you are really looking to save money, you could do it yourself by getting a couple of cakes from Costco and some plastic stacking things. Tacky, but it would be cheap. Then again, what's tacky for one person may be just perfect for another.

55 bucks

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