I'm having a costume party. Idea help?!

Question: I'm having a costume party. Idea help?
I don't know if its the right section or not but:

I am going to have a costume party for people of all ages. I am thinking of going as an Indian. I will be wearing this:
Would this be good? I have blond hair though. Will that matter?

Also I need help on what to do at the party. I know I'm going to have dancing but I am not sure what else. It has to be fun for a lot of people of different age groups. (From toddler to ... 80+)


You can set up your garage to be like a dancefloor(or any big room in your house) have karaoke set up.if you have a pool table or something fun...have that set up for people to play. for the little kids you could buy little things from the dollar store or walmart for the kids to make halloween arts and crafts and other fun stuff. bubble machines are always fun. people would be entertained with a dartboard. Hope this helped.

try them disco lights and a glitter ball in a big room empty it out put chairs round the sides but leave one free for the table with food lights and ball you can get cheap from a toy shop like toys r us i like to mix my dress up I'm doing evil red riding hood this year iv a wolf's head in a basket and drip fake blood over the cloak and dress kids love anything with lights and glows

i think themed costume parties are better. ANY COSTUME leaves people a bit stuck on what to wear. you know like safari or..80s..anything really. party games? not too physical as the oldies and the adults aren't too keen on them. and they send the kids mental. but then not too boring as kids will get bored. hmm. just something simple everyone can enjoy? sorry i havent been very helpful :L

An Indian is so lame. Be something from history. Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe, Marge Simpson. Anything than a degrading costume like an Indian. Yes they are historic for Thanksgiving, and how the settlers came and had a blood bath to make America what it is today. Have a theme, seriously. Not some bubble-gum fourth grade classroom halloween exchange for tootsie pops and individually packaged fun-dip. And to really mix kids with adults presents even more issues. Has there been a background check of all adults to ensure that 5 year old children won't be on the 5 o'clock news for God only knows what could happen if an un-known sex offender comes to your party? You are stupid for even coming on here asking this. As a mother of 5, I would never send my child/teen to a party like this. Re-think all of this. Set a standard (specific age group) and make sure that it will be safe in all aspects. The best party is organized, and safe. Your idea sounds like a disaster. Re think, and then come ask yahoo if it is a good "idea"

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