okay sweet 16 ideas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Question: Okay sweet 16 ideas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Okayy....so for my sweet 16 I want it to kind of like rave style...have a black light, everybody wear white t shirts, there will be like 50-60 people there, really loud dance music, have a strobe light and glow and the dark walls or some sh#t, then have a sleep over afterwards with ten friends or so. Buttt.........I need it to be as cheap as possible really..i know how to decorate everything..but idk what else to do besides dancing...so i guess i just need help with what else to do at the party and sleepover..i dont want any kids games either..but yea remeber..the party is gonna be a rave..prollay no ecstacy tho. haha. but yeah anything goes at this party soo yeahh oh and theres gonna be no parents too so yeahh(:


ppl dont wear white Tee's a rave haha(: here's some pics of what ppl wear at raves...




id give out flyers instead of "intavations"
there more mature(:
where as an intvetation souds to kiddish!
id have a dress code, which would limit the number of ppl without having to give out invatations.
EXAMPLE- dress code:: GROWN && SEXY!!
guys wear white t's wit jeans & sneakers
girls wear the color pink or something... but make it either wear shorts or belly shirts or some sh!t. so that it limits the number of ppl that are let in.
have different kind of music. and no country or "slow" music.
techno, rap, hiphop, and pop are main choices.
you can buy neon color paint to write "happy sweet 16" on ur walls
any neon color will glow under a black lite.
an you an buy glow in the dark paint for your cellings or glow in the dark stickers of stars or something for your cellling too.
you can buy different color neon duck tape for your floor, im not sure all the colors they have but i kno for sure you can buy hot pink and lime green at walmart.
it'll work for hard floor or carpet and when ur done its easy to clean up, jus pull it off!! lol(:
take the duck tape and make designs on the floor and when you turn off the lites an turn on the black lite you'll have a cool black shadowed floor with a glowing neon colored design on it.
you can take caution tape an put an X on the outside of the entrence door.
real raves are ilegal so it makes since(:
stay away from normal "streamer's and balloons"
that'll take away from the rave theem. if you really want balloons get some cheep big black ones and stuff them with small confette and glitter, then blow them up and leave them on the floor. EVERYWHERE...
so that when they pop confette and glitter goes everywhere(:
its halloween so you can find lites cheep!
depending on how big the room is, buy a few (at least one for each corner) flashing strobe lites and set them on fast speed. and make sure there on flashing at the same time to increse in effect.
if you have windows, cover them with a big piece of cardboard or wood or dark colored posterboard and put an X on them in caution tape. on the inside and out. (only if in-coming ppl can see the window from the intrence line)
if they cant then only put it the caution tape on inside.
buy a fog michene, or buy some dry ice...
buy a bubble michene...
so it add's to the "rave theem"
if your gonna have "drinks" buy a big cooler and poor the punch in.
(the idea of a rave is to make everything look rushed an thrown together yet wild and "out there" at the same time)
you could buy a blow up kiddie pool an fill it with ice an have can drinks in it.
and for a cake id go with a "cup cake cake" have a sh!t load of cup cakes all together to form one big cake!
no plates, no forks, no mess!!
and instead of scooping ppl ice cream, buy a bunch of boxed fudge pops and other flavors.
once again, no bowels, no spoons, and no mess!!
all youll need is a big trash can to put there wrappers and cups or cans in.
buy at least 100 glow sticks. from necklaces, arm bands, small ones that u put in ur mouth. and big ones you jus wave around.
they'v even got shaped ones now'a days. (flowers, hearts, ACTUAL HATS that you wear made from glow sticks, etc.)
buy a lil of everything!!!!!
buy a neon colored marker and draw an X on ppl's hands when they come in. if there cott without an x that you or someone you have in charge has drawn then they'v gotta leave. NO EXCEPTIONS...



Depending on your theme.
If you just want a party "YAY!!!" theme
just get a punch bowl, some snacks, even BBQ some stuff if it help <3

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