Birthday Party Trouble! Please Help :(?!

Question: Birthday Party Trouble! Please Help :(?
Well, I'm having it the night before Halloween(October 30th). And it's going to be a Halloween/Birthday party.
I'm turning 15(yay!).
Problem is, there's going to be about 15 people here. All the guests are below 20, but most of them are older than me.
My parents are not going to be home, but I'm allowed to throw this party and I have complete permission.
But I'm scared, it's the first big party I'm throwing, and I'm afraid that things might get out of control without my parents.
My brothers will be there(One is 17, the other is 20).
And also, my dad is responsible for everyone, what if someone gets hurt?
And what would the parents think if they knew there weren't parents?
I'm very responsible and certainly do not smoke or drink, so there will be none of that at my party.
I'm really scared, but I really want to go through with this party.
What do I do to keep things safe and under control?
And also, how do I make my house scary and haunted? :)
Thank you for helping :)


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As a Mum I would suggest that you take this as big parent's clearly have faith in you :):):)...chances are though that they have had a word with both your brothers...SO my suggestion is ask your brothers for help (they aren't just there for their good looks!!).

Maybe one of them would be happy to act as a "Doorman"...(Frankenstein like or Lurch from the Adams Family)...

Decorations...In front yard hang ghosts "dancing" around a tree ~ use balloons with a white sheet over the top ~ attach to tree branches using fishing line ~ tie corner of each 'ghost to the next ghost so it looks like they are holding hands

Inside - dim lights (or ask one of your brothers to replace light bulbs with coloured - ie orange, black, purple), spiders webs, spiders, rats, bats, black roses, skull heads, a 'witches cauldron', purple balloons hanging in hallway so that ribbon is just long enough to touch heads and faces (feel spiderweb like)...., burn a couple of sticks of incense to give a musky/smoke smell to the rooms ...and of course some scary theme music happening

Games ~ Apple Bobbing,

Donuts on line (tie donuts using lengths of string to one main line - each player has to try and eat donut without using hands) - they 'swing' and can be quite difficult to catch!

Scavenger Hunt - but make them work for it LOL clues in small plastic containers (like kinder surprise egg shells!) and place in a bucket of slime (recipes online - cornflour and water and food colouring!) ...once they find the clue they then have to work out where the prize is (send them off in different directions)

Flour Game - place a small coin in a large bucket...turn up (sandcastle like) ..each player needs to 'slice' a small section on flour from the castle...the person who 'finds' the coin must pick it up using teeth only (no hands!)

Chocolate Game - 1xfamily block of chocolate, 1x dress-up of choice, 1xdice, 1x fork and knife, 1xchopping board.....everyone forms a circle, whoever rolls 6 quickly gets into dress-up and proceeds to chop chocolate using fork and knife - only 1 piece at a time, must finish mouthful before cutting next piece, other players continue to roll dice until the next "6" at which time current 'chocolate eater' must get out of costume and new player put it on etc (great fun!)

Music ~ Monster Mash etc etc

Food ~ "Halloween Theme" - cupcakes with sprinkles on top (you can make cupcakes before and freeze - ice & decorate on day of party)
Party Punch Sherbet (from Walmart) - few days prior get a surgical glove, Kool aid -, secure and freeze - on day of party, remove from glove and add to punch to look like a floating hand) - candy eyes and worms also look good!

The key is to be organised - plan out everything from decorations, to games, to food and have a time line to work from - ie 5pm arrival, 5.30pm - games 1, 6pm food, 6.30pm game 2, 7pm - birthday cake etc etc ask a couple of friends to come early to help set things up and get your brothers on board with specific jobs/tasks etc

Happy Birthday ~ have fun!

Mum :)

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