Party ideas wanted!!! Any sorta help will be appreciated!?!

Question: Party ideas wanted!!! Any sorta help will be appreciated!?
I am throwing a party at my place for 10-14 people all aged 17. Its probably going to be on my terrace and we are going to put bed sheets and pillows. Both boys and girls from my class are going to be there. Any games/food ideas/themes etc will be helpful.. We dont dance and would probably just eat and talk.



you could play a game called bowl of questions, you have everyone write down one or two questions (depending on the size of the group) on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it in a bowl. then you pass it around the room, each person has to pull out a question, answer it, and then pick a second person in the room who has to answer it. my friends love this game, it's especially fun if someone has a secret that you want to find out. :) good luck.

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