food ideas for a one year olds bday party?!

Question: Food ideas for a one year olds bday party?
we are having a party at 4pm - more family and friends really than kids. sports theme. any thoughts on easy but good food to have. don't want to do burgers/hot dogs.


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If your theme is sports, try making stadium type food. Hot dogs, nachos anything you would get at a sports park would go with your theme and it is usually easy to prepare and reheat.

We had an all sandwich party once. Five to ten different types of sandwiches and then cut them in four and stack them on plates. Macaroni and cheese is good, could add bacon to it too.Decide if you want finger type foods and paper plates or hot food and good dinnerware. Hot food would also need enough table room for all the kids.

maybe some hearty slow cooker dishes like baked beans, mac n cheese, pulled pork?
Shrimp rings, chicken strips, potato skins, meatballs, salads. If you have a deep fryer you could do all sorts of fried yummies, like battered veggies, shrimp, chicken nuggets, mozza sticks, jalepeno poppers....and they're all packaged and ready to go in the same section of store. Even if you don't want hot dogs, you could do something fun with them, like little mini pigs in a blanket using biscuit dough and spear them on toothpicks.
Cheese & crackers, cold cut tray, nacho platter, chili & buns, hot beef or chicken on buns, ribs,bbq pork chops, or steak if your budget allows!
Have fun!

Love finger food and parties where there's lots of it!

I don't think I would exclude hot dogs, kids love hot dogs. But maybe instead you could do chicken nuggets or strips for the kids. Even pizza.

Macaroni and cheese.
Potato salad.
Pasta salad.
Macaroni salad.
BBQ ribs.
BBQ'd chicken.
Pulled pork sandwiches.
Baked potatoes.
Chips and dip.
Veggie platter with dip.

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meatballs chicken wings fries . . .finger sandwiches . . .pizza . . .chips and dip . . hot dogs and hamburgers and beans go well with a sports theme exspecially for children

sloppy joes, meatball sandwiches, fried chicken, chilie, hot beef sandwiches,

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