what makes a party a good one?!

Question: What makes a party a good one?
my 16th coming up, im having a house party for about 25 people. what makes it a good party that they will remember! also what are you favourite alcoholic drinks? thanks


good music..like a g6..david guetta..black eyed peas..pitbull..play some games like beer pong, or spin the bottle and DANCE!..take some shots.i like absolut vodka mango flavor w/ sprite// smirnoff raspberry with sprite// james buchannans with either pineapple juice or cranberry juice. Beer. malibu cocconut is really good. jagermister. have funn.!!

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, it's all about the music.
Then comes theme/games etc.
I think most 16 year olds will drink what is there but get some cans and bottles of cider and beer , and then a few spirits like Vodka, Taboo, Lambrini, Malibu and to go with them Redbull, Coke, Lemonade etc etc.


someone is gonna end up having sex in someone else's bedroom or do you even CARE?

Alcohol!! Lots and lots of alcohol!

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