Good food for lunch at school?!

Question: Good food for lunch at school?
Since I'm in Primary we have to make our lunches ourselves. I want to bring a tomato sandwich but would it get soggy in the lunch box? If anyone has ideas it'll be a help, thanks. :)


make a ham and lettuce sandwich with mayonnaise , take a little fruit salad with you in a little container , all you need is chopped up fruit with your favourite juice in it for example orange juice or apple juice. and take a bottle of water. just what i use to have when i was a young kid

It would be fine if you had the tomato to the side then just added it to the sandwich at lunch.
Some other great food ideas would be a buckwheat salad with cherry tomato, feta cheese, and Italian dressing.
Quinoa salad with red wine vinegar, sun dried tomatoes, corn, and black beans
Almond butter and apple sandwich
Cucumber and cheese sandwich
Fruit salad with drizzled honey
Red pepper, pita chips, and hummus to dip them in
Tortilla with butter, cinnamon, and sugar
Oatmeal muffin with whatever jam you prefer
Grilled cheese
Leftover pizza
Pizza bagels. Slather pizza sauce then cheese and whatever else you like on a bagel and broil in the oven till cheese is melted.
Pasta with pesto
Rice and soy sauce with some broccoli
Then theres your obvious PB&J but you can mix it up using different types of nut butter and adding fresh fruit

Just slice the tomato and other ingredients, store in separate compartments (like in a bento box), and assemble your sandwich at school. There are a lot of more sophisticated options for taking your lunch, including rice bowls, hearty salads, and noodle dishes. In the source below there are a lot of recipes for adults packing their lunches.…

a great sandwich is a nutella and banna sandwich it is really yummy! and it wont sog it keeps you full and focused. hope this helps

separate your tomato and bread, anything else until lunch, then make it there

i bring donut. it's simple food. or toast with melted cheese and bacon.. yummm

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