16th birthday ideas?!?!

Question: 16th birthday ideas?!?
Im turning 16 soon and Im not sure what to do. I dont have a ton of money so I cant do anything like what they do on "super sweet sixteen" on MTV. I want to envite around 15ish people and I just want to do something super fun where everyone will remember it. So I would really like your guys help with coming up with ideas!
thank you in advance everybody! :)
P.S you could just tell me what you did for your birthday and that would help me a ton too! :)


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hey. you could tell everyone one to come in a theme color that way,it won't cost you anything and it would look party-ish too. ;)
You could play Jega.Thats alot of fun! and if you are a girly girl then you can buy wings and halos for your birthday dress so you look like a birthday girl. come on,cheer up! If you're friends are fun to be around,you will obviously have fun! :D


You should have all your friends go out to a nice restaurant with good food and everyone pays for themselves and make it formal! Sooo cute with everyone in dresses and dress shirts and just have a nice evening out and take pictures at a park before it like at Princes Island Park by eau claire! thats what i did for my 18th but i didnt have an awesome 16th but still fun

maybe take everyone out to dinner, and then a comedy club

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