Am I missing anything for my party?!

Question: Am I missing anything for my party?
-My friend is pitching in 10 bottles of rum and vodka
-I'm thinking of having a keg or two
-We might have Sumo wrestlin Body suits and a rock wall
-jello shots
- a dj
and also what can I do to prevent my party from getting raided?


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Every party needs a cake.
And in order to not have the police called, you gotta keep your noise levels in check as well as make sure you dont have anything illegal going on.

ni8ceeeeeeeeeee keep the music down
wow that is awesome!!! i dont know about the cops, but i can sure say u should prob go alll out and the get the ez-squeeze jello shot cups!!! there awesome and made for jello shots!!! all you gotta do it just squeeze jello out into your mouth and u dont have to fuss wit hthe cups and they wont crack when u squeeze them!!! good luck!!!!!!

they also got tonz of jello shot recipies and they have the ez-inject jello shot syringes and ez-jello shot mixes!!!

Nachos and snacks.
Video camera.

Post a few flyers letting your neighbors know your having a party, so they know to be prepared.

Have a great night!

My experience.

hahahaha whoa! :D Sounds like a helluva time!!!

Have it in a basement/bunker kinda thing :D

Have it on a private property where the cops wont bust it and have security at the door

perhaps a nice game of scatagories some country western karaoke and perhaps "the bible" read by james earl jones

A pinata. You could have a burly friend of yours stand by the door to prevent that happening

You are missing puke bags for the party goers

dont let haters in ur party! they mess everything up!

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