What theme shall i do for my 13th birthday party ?!

Question: What theme shall i do for my 13th birthday party ?
Hello,I need help for my 13th birthday theme.
Im inviting my 2 best friends and I need a cool but unique theme.
I was thinking Movie Night but I don't know.
*We are a little tomoy but not to girly
*My birthday is on November 28th
*We are Band Geeks! :D
THanx for the answers<3


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Have a Twilight 13th b'day party... let your friends pretend to be characters in the movie... It is close to Halloween... and it is a "13th" b'day... so play it up.

For my 13th I did a Scary theme, where all my friends dressed up scary eg: a ghost and have powder on the top of ur hair so it looks white with a white flowy outfit, whatever looks scary with black eye liner and draw scars, even blood, black lipstick..the ideas are endless. Start on Friday night and make it a two night long weekend party till Sunday. Play the boardgame 'Nightmare' if u can find it, its a scary interactive tv and board game. If u have a garage, scare ur friends by lurring them in the dark garage and when the moment is right, throw cooked but cold spagetti in the dark at ur friends..says its 'all worms' or something. Tell scary stories that you've heard, try a spell from a spell book, light candles...these are just a few ideas and maybe during Saturday or Sunday go to the local pool and have fun in the sun!

Or another idea u can hire a jumping castle...

Everyone loves a Hawaiian Luau themed party.
It is easy to find the decorations too!
Just an idea anyway...
Have fun :)

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