What is the proper way to serve a turkey, carve it up first or bring it to the table as a whole?!

Question: What is the proper way to serve a turkey, carve it up first or bring it to the table as a whole?
I am going to be serving my first turkey this thanksgiving and I was wondering if I should carve it up first and just bring the meat to the table or if I should just leave it whole like what I usually see in pictures.


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it really depends on how many people are at your table i think. growing up when it was just 6 of us at the table we carved it there BUT when i started doing bigger turkeys for like our work parties and such which is always 10 or more i cut the turkey before hand and just spread it out nicely on a decorative tray.

I remember my first and what I did was put it whole on the table. Took all the pics I needed, then brought it back to the kitchen and carved it there. I only carved what I needed for the table. After the whole dinner is over, then carve the rest so you can easily store it or give some leftovers to guests.

Traditionally, it's taken to the table whole and then carved. My family is usually right in the middle when it comes to this. We carve enough for our family, but leave it on the same serving platter as the whole turkey, so then more can be carved off as needed.

either way works well. traditionally it should be carved at the table, but pre-carving tends to save a bit of time.

Bring the whole turkey to the table, carve enough for each person & then carve more as needed.

it'd be so much better to bring it to the table as a whole

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