Gift ideas in the $5.00-6.00 price range?!

Question: Gift ideas in the $5.00-6.00 price range?
Am in charge of obtaining favors for a holiday party in the $5.00- 6.00 price range. Need gender neutral gift ideas for a group of 12-15. In past years these have included:
Votive candles in holders
Holiday ornaments
wine accessories( decorative stoppers, wine charms, drip collars)
specialty candies, chocolates, glazed nuts in decorative containers
small potted plants

All ideas are much appreciated.


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Luggage tags
Mouse pads
Mini remote control cars (may be a hair out of price range, but really fun)
USB thumb drive
Stress ball toy
USB multi-memory card reader
Wind up toys

Picture frame, shot glasses, mini alcohol bottles, fast food or coffee shop gift card, donation to charity in their name, book markers, key chains, cooking gadgets, office supplies, single cd, paper weight, lottery ticket, home made stepping stone or coaster, package of flower seeds with a pot


Starbucks gift cards
Subway gift cards
McDonalds gift cards
Jack In The Box gift cards

(All those you actually could buy something worth wild for $5 or $6 so that's why I mentioned those places)

Good luck.

"bouquets" of kitchen gadgets--spatulas, potato masher, ladle, can get a TON from the dollar store then wrap a big bow or kitchen towel around each 'bouquet'....LOL!

Teddy bear if you have a daughter.

iTunes gift cards

Try This site is know for creating your own items.(ie, adding pics, text, logos, etc..) I've used them a couple of times.

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