Birthday party help :(?!

Question: Birthday party help :(?
Well, I have a small house, and the party will only be in the living room and kitchen.
I'm inviting maybe, 20 people. Is that too much?
It will be from 5PM-12AM. I will have one parent present, which is my step-mom.
I'm turning 15, and most of the people I invited are 1-5 years older than me.
I'm very responsible, and there wont be any alcohol.
What should we do at this party with so many people?
And should I tone down on the invites?


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Usually not all people invited actually show up, but just make sure there's enough room for 20. Have plenty of food and good music!! Since no-alcohol(minors), ask your step-mom to help you make the same type of cocktails(minus the alcohol) for fun. Make margaritas. pina coladas, etc..& serve them in cocktail glasses.You can probably get some disposable ones at a dollar store or local party supplies store. Get a disco ball, the multi color light ball or strobe lights to give the room a nightclub atmosphere. Get some of those neon glow sticks or bracelets to add a little more fun. I've also seen them at the dollar store or local party supplies store. Have Fun!!

Too many invited and 5 yrs older than you is too should be 14, 15 & 16 yr olds. Interest of people with that wide of age gap is too great.
Maybe a pizza & movie party, play some board games, karoake (sp), do make-overs on each other.
Play pictionary or some fun games like that and have prizes....
You could even have make your own personal pizza instead of ordering out.

I would recommend a smaller number of people, maybe only your closest friends. Have dinner (your favorite food or pizza, maybe?) and a lot of snack food (chips, dips, veggies), table games and cards. Seven hours is a long time to entertain people, make sure you have plenty to do and possibly shorten the time frame a bit.

How about some theme? Like Hawaiian. You could buy tons of decorations for cheap in Dollar Store and make some sweet juice drinks

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