what kind of food should I serve at my daughters first birthday?!

Question: What kind of food should I serve at my daughters first birthday?
its going to be me my husband, daughter,my mom and dad and 2 to 4 adults I know what kind of food Iam going to have for my daughter but there will be no other kids there so what should I serve to the adults and what things should we do for fun since there will only be one baby there? need help Iam planning it all myself so I could use the help thanks so much


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What type of food do you and the other adults like? If you are cooking and don't know if the other adults coming eat meat or are allergic to something make a pasta dish. You could always order pizza as well and make sure and have lots of wine!

If you were going to have other children there for your daughter's first birthday, I would suggest small finger-foods: rolled-up hotdogs, sandwiches, etc.

For the adults: pizza and salad sound good.

Spaghetti or lasagna and garlic bread.
Tacos and Spanish rice.

Pablum or something made by Gerbers!

Ask in the parenting section. You'll get loads of ideas.

pizza pie punch

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