I need a creative name for my party?!

Question: I need a creative name for my party?
I'm throwing a party, my own dance party, its gonna be for people 18 and under, its gonna be like a club type theme. im a dj so im throwin the party... its practically gonna be a grindfest... but the only difference is that i'm donating all the money towards my local school, so its a benefit dance, but i need an awesome party name to call it so i can continue doing more parties under this name.

my friend does parties in a nearby city and he calls it "The Rave" and over 2,000 people go to this event, he does about 4 a year. He has had one event called "Benefit Rave" I want something creative that people will remember. Everybody in my town has heard of "The Rave" I need something creative to where I can add "Benefit ______" for benefit dances or just have the regular name for my parties, cuz i am definitely doing a lot of parties. PLEASE COME UP WITH AS MANY IDEAS AS YOU CAN AND KEEP IT APPROPRIATE.


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The Fanny Bumper

Call it "THE SKANK!' no one can resist it!


donate dance?
sorry im cra*p at this xx

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