going to a homecoming after party and theres going to be LOTS of drinking?!?!

Question: Going to a homecoming after party and theres going to be LOTS of drinking?!?
were sophmores (15) and well in my school (private AND STRICT) parties barely happen and even when they do theres usually not drinking as far as i know but this one, the WHOLE grades going after homecoming. its in a relatively smallish basement, and its going to be CRAZZY. like people are bringing vodka.. beer.. and like other alcohol! but ive never drank and apparently the parties going to be busted by cops... so what should i do? i kind of want to drink a little (NOT MORE THAN A BEER) but im scared. tips? its my first time


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do ittt.

I don't think you should go. Drinking age is 21; should you be arrested for being under the influence, it will make getting your driver's license much harder.

Besides, if you drink, then your decision-making is affected. Even if you only have just a beer--you don't know how hard it will hit you (especially on an empty stomach). You could find yourself in a very bad situation or doing things you wouldn't otherwise do.

And just because 'the whole grade's going' doesn't mean you have to.

Family member who was a bartender
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poppy sounds so prudish and unrealistic. And condescending. Your 15 and you are going to want to drink a little. I understand. If you know this party is going to be busted for sure I would recommend not going. If you are going to drink then drink with someone you can trust and in a safe environment like in your own home, a friends house, or somewhere not too wild. Take care of yourself, know your limits, and I really think you shouldn't go if the party is gna be that bad and you are feeling uncomfortable abt it already.

Sounds like you have a case of "But I just wanna", kind of like my grand daughter. "But I just wanna" gets her in all kind of trouble. Think about this, Minors, drinking, and the cops are going to come; and to top this off, you want to attend and drink alcohol. Does this sound like a smart decision to you?

if you KNOW its going to be busted by cops, DON'T GO.

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