hi its a friday night and im so bored. im bored because my friend had a party and invited everyone i hang out with and not me. we're 10th graders. when i talked to one of my friends about it, she said "well im kinda surprised i was invited considering i dont even talk to her." i hated this comment! so now im bored and all of my best friends are hanging out without me and im pissed, and im pretty sure my mom is upset about it too considering im so upset and i feel so hated. what should i do?


Well seeing as I assume the party os going on now (or soon) enjoy your Friday!
There loss! Maybe even find something new to do, and brag how great your Friday was when you hear about the party, it;s not the end of the world!


Because the holder of the party has obviously invited your friend when they barely know each other, so this probably means whoever-it-is is inviting people they don't even know because they are potentially popular or having connections with them may be beneficial. If this is the case, you were subtlety dissed.

My love of bothering people I don't like.

i personally would have tagged along wit one of ur other friends bc when i was in tenth grade i know that nobody was gonna be like "what r u doing here i didnt invite you" she will prob say somethin like OMG i totally forgot to call u im so glad u came and thats that...chill and relax gf this is only the start of a drama filled school life. good luck

don't get mad plan a party for next friday
and invite who you want to
do not let others control how you feel
do not get mad at this
be a leader and plan a party for next week ..
good luck

Sounds like you need to find new friends...... People can only make you feal inferior if you let them

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