What would happen if you set puke on fire?!

Question: What would happen if you set puke on fire?
Like... I dunno, ordinary puke? Though I wouldn't exactly know how that would be defined. Or like, if it differentiates, tell me what would happen.

Seriously, I have no clue why I'm asking this, or why my friend Shannon can't get a Yahoo and ask it herself.

Absolutely disgusting, yet curious. What DOES happen if it's set on fire? Or at least, attempted to be set on fire?


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Unless you drank Everclear or gasoline it probably won't catch fire at all.

It does not burn but if you did get it somehow on fire it would stink horrible and then turn into carbon after burning as everything does.

I doubt it would catch on fire since it's all wet but if it did I'd imagine it would stink pretty bad.

that would probably stink a little bit

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