i'm planning a surprise party for my friend but its really expensive, What should i do?!

Question: I'm planning a surprise party for my friend but its really expensive, What should i do?
so anyway my friends birthday is close to christmas so she rarely gets a party so my other friend and i are planning her a surprise party. we worked out the total cost of $180.88 which we will be splitting but its still a little steep. We would get jobs but we're 13 so we're too young to apply for one. What should we do??


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Ask your friends to bring a plate of some sort, a salad or something to put on the bbq, having a party doesn't have to be expensive, as long as your hearts there

You can try to go on a busy street and sing a song XD
Maybe try to get other people involved, or ask the people who are invited to help out by donating like $10 or so.
Try to save up by limiting how much you spend.
And don't go over a certain amount.
You both pay about $100 each.
Ask your parents to help out and tell them that you'd do anything for money. Not anything...but they'll give you money for every time you wash the dishes, or for cleaning their car or something.

Rake leaves for people! Autumn is here and there's a lot of lazy or busy people out there who will pay you for doing a decent job at raking their lawns. Maybe ask your parents to put a little $ in? You can get $180 in 2 and a half months easily.

there is nothing worse that ppl offering to do something then winge about doing it.

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