14th birthday party ideas?!

Question: 14th birthday party ideas?
Hi! I'm turning 14 on the 20th of October (close to Halloween.) I want to have a nice birthday party day (it is on a Wednesday.) But I am sort of on the fence with this, considering the fact that Wednesday is the middle of the week.... It would definitely have to be on a Saturday, probably before.

Well, IDK what to do... I don't want to spend a lot of money and I'd probably only have 4 of my friends there, maybe even 5.... Once again, I do NOT want to get something where a lot of spending of money is involved. Not a home party either because I don't have high entertainment like the Wii or something. So, yeah, I need some ideas.

Got some :)?


If you have a big brother or parent who would be willing to drive (they don't have to do all the stuff with you, but must be willing to drive you where you need to go so you get there safe) , go out for a night on the town! Get your girls together and pool up some clothes and makeup and stuff on Saturday around noon. Give eachother makeovers...paint nails, do eachothers hair, etc. and pick out outfits for eachother (preferably something dressy, as it would be more fun) and just get all prettied up. Then go out on the town. Choose somewhere to have dinner (everyone should bring money to pay for their own dinners unless your parents want to pay). Then find somewhere to go after dinner...to the movies, arcade, mall, whatever and make a night of that. Idk where you live, so you'd have to come up with where to go (if you live in a small town it might be fun to go to a larger near by town for the night). Then everyone can go home or go back to your house for a sleepover. Sleepovers don't really require anything too fancy, just some junk food, a place to sleep and maybe a few chick flicks! Have fun!

OMG A SLEEPOVER! these are the best party ideas for you and your girlfriends if not many people are coming! or you could go bowling or laser tag - really fun (my party last year). you could go to a restaurant for dinner; thats not too expensive. hope i help!

if you want to know its my 14th this year too and im having a stereotype party where evryone dresses up like a nerd or hippie or something like. even a cheerleader! but im having at least 20 people so maybe not for you...

yeah sleep over sounds fun

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