Should I serve snacks at my daughters birthday pool party?!

Question: Should I serve snacks at my daughters birthday pool party?
Tomorrow I am having my daughters 8th birthday at a hotel, she's having a party that'll last about 3 1/2 hrs. The kids are going swimming and we're having pizza and cake. I was wondering if snacks were a good idea since they are going swimming or if I should just leave those out? If snacks are a good idea what kind of snacks are a good choice and easy to whip together in a short amount of time?


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Depends on the timing of the party and the food serving. No matter what, have food ready for the moment they get out. If pizza won't be ready then have snacks set out.
Some ideas:

Veggies and dip (Make ahead and keep them covered with damp paper towel and refrigerated until serving)
Fruit kebabs and yogurt for dipping (or just the kebabs, no dip)
Nacho flavored tortilla chips or plain tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream
Mini chocolate bars in a cute bowl
Mini cookies or bitesize brownies

However, if you are serving all the food at once - ie. at the end - there's less need for snacks since they'll be eating pizza.

will the place w/ the pool even allow you to have food in the pool area? If they won't then problem solved---no snacks.

if they will then you have another issue--will they allow you to bring outside food into their venue? a lot of places won't. (my company meets in a hotel meeting room occasionally & the boss was trying to get by on the cheap by not hiring the hotel to provide coffee & snacks. when he tried to bring his own snacks in, they took them away from him.)

if you're allowed to have food: then fruit & veggie trays w/ dips that kids would like are good.

and swimming uses up a lot of energy, they'll be hungry and want to eat NOW when they get out--so make sure they don't have to wait for the food.

I think that if you have pizza and cake that is plenty to eat. If you like, spread it out over time and you will be fine. For example......swim, then pizza, then swim, then cake, then swim, then home. You may want to put together a take home goody bag. However, I wouldn't want to sugar them up to much.
Have fun and YOU enjoy the party, too.

Yes you can serve snacks as for supper.

snacks after they get out of pool. You should definately have food because after swimming everybody is starving.

I would just leave them out, pizza and cake will be just fine. Can't go wrong with that.

pizza salad fruit cupcake

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