I'm throwing a house party, but how can I NOT get busted?!

Question: I'm throwing a house party, but how can I NOT get busted?
Yes, there is going to be alcohol and yes, we're going to be underage. I just don't want a cop coming and giving my dad a ticket or anything. So yeah, my dad is going to be here to make sure nothing gets out of hand. I'm going to make sure that EVERYONE stays inside and in the backyard the whole time, that way we won't be causing a ruckus or anything outside. People are spending the night so as not to drink and drive and people who don't spend the night will have designated drivers. Do you guys think I'm good? What else can I do to prevent the cops from coming?


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Keep the noise down (this applies to music and loud voices also), don't invite too many people, and make sure that everyone you invite can be trusted so you don't get gatecrashers, have some responsible adults there to supervise in case anything gets out of hand, have plenty of non alcoholic drinks available for those that do not want to drink or want a break from drinking, have food on hand all night so people don't end up drinking on an empty stomach, do nnot have too much alcohol on hand - keep it limited so that people don't go overboard, and to be legally protected make sure that the parents of the guests are aware that there will be alcohol there or you and your parents are liable if anything goes wrong.

First You should not drink.
Yes I did a lot of times, but I never got nicked and I never told about it in the open.

If You really won't to do it- talk with neighbours, so they won't grass You up.
That way or another person to pay is You father as he will be ressponsible
for all of You. Feel sorry for him by the way.

As long as You'll stick to what You said- I wish You good luck.

Otherwise You shall clean Your friend's sick, wash and be servant
to Your father for next 10 years.

Something's bound to go wrong. It's when you think you have everything right, that something goes wrong. That's my advice/answer.

Well it's great you've planned this well. My tips would be:

Have a clear starting and ending time, and stick to that. People are bound to leave or arrive within about an hour of those times, which is why you don't change them.
If you have any pets, leave them with the neighbours.
Make it very clear it's INVITE ONLY. Gatecrashers are bad.
Hide and valubles or money in your study. You never know. My brother left out his 150-euro holiday money when he threw a house party, luckily his friend saw it and put it in a drawer out of sight.
Don't have any plant pots on the edge of things. Don't leave much lying around in the garden.
Make sure you have at least 1 bin (and not wire/woven ones either. ones with plastic bags) in every room. This minimalises the chances of anything getting puked on.
Make sure there's a steady supply of food. It doesn't need to be fancy pizzas from dominoes or anything- just toast or party bites will do to stop people being hungry/ getting too drunk.
Avoid glass bottles; instead you can make cocktails with vodka and fruit juice.
Make sure there aren't too many people coming.
'I'm going to make sure that EVERYONE stays inside and in the backyard' : easier said than done. You mean you'll be standing at your front door, your garden gate and around the walls the whole time? Just tell them they have to stay in the garden otherwise your neighbours will fine and you'll split it between anyone who goes outside. The worst that'll happen then is a couple of crying girls escaping to somewhere quiet.
Keep any breakables out of sight.
DRINK HARDLY ANYTHING YOURSELF. < really important; 1) you don't want your dad seeing you drunk, and 2) you're helping keep this under control. It doesn't mean at all that you can't have a blast.

Aaand that's about it; if your party's under control, you have low chancds of the cops being called. I'd ;et your neighbours know about it as well.

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