im having an alice in wonderland themed party for my 13th, what decorations would be good?!

Question: Im having an alice in wonderland themed party for my 13th, what decorations would be good?

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I had the same theme! you can cut out a huge Cheshire cat smile out of cardboard.My older sister had used it for a prop for some school dance and she let me have it and im sure if a bunch of high-schoolers can do it, you can! I don't know if you are looking for other party ideas, but here are a few.

play croquet! It turns out my family was a big croquet family, so it worked out perfectly. even if you don't have all the wickets and stuff you can get a pretty heavy medium-sized ball and try to see who can hit it the farthest with a golf club, hard baseball bat, etc.

for food you can make little bite-sized cakes and with icing write on them "eat me" and use small glass soda bottles or old bottles that vanilla extract etc come in to make small punch glasses, or for the adults, shot glasses. have a tag reading "drink me" hanging out.

for favor bags you can give playing cards, hat erasers (mad hatter), small dollar-store tea sets, and then the regular stuff like candy and games.

Have a great 13th!

These websites are great, and have everything you need for your Alice in Wonderland! Sorry I have to post the links as I can't fit all the info in here!……

I hope you have an amazing party!!

Answer mine please?…

In addition to playing cards, white rabbits, etc.. Get some artificial & real flowers to decorate. I would also get fake grass or something similar, large butterfly cut outs. Have a mad tea party. Here's an idea, get clear soda(sprite, 7-up) and some food coloring to add color. Serve it during the mad tea party and have different colors, green, blue, red, yellow, purple(blue/red mixed).

white rabbits, cheshire cats, mad hatters, playing cards

buy a pack of playing cards and make a banner out of them!

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