Party with no venue, could it happen?!

Question: Party with no venue, could it happen?
Okay well it was supposed to be a dance party and the venue cancelled on uss because there was underage people..yet everyone was buzzing for this..everywhere fully booked but could there be any possible chance ? whats your past experiences been at last minute . com? Anything impulsive?
p.s its in hours


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just find a vacant field that is out the way somewhere get people to bring booze and tents, and also get some speakers that you can connect to a phone to play music. ok its not the same as a party with a venue, but aslong as people have a good time and get wasted, your goal is achieved?

well , someones house, or you can call Realtor, give them some money, get a vacant showing house, you can party all you can.. do clean up afterward. get a CD from any Store title the hottest dance mix 2010.. its good

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