please help with my 16th party?!

Question: Please help with my 16th party?
I've aske this question quite a few times now, It's getting annoying I'm getting the same answer :S
I am gonna be 16 in November.. dunno what to do for about £100
Nothing 'American'

so, no sleepovers, no 'movie nights', no gigs, no concerts, no shopping spree's.

I wanna do something (obvs involving drink) to do with my mates...
can't afford to hire out a hall and a DJ and buy all this drink etc...
and was gonna do a camping thing? but it might be too cold...
really need some ideas from people over the age of 13..


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just get a bunch of lights in a dark place play tunes on your computer and just have a party or have a fun night down the town

Ummm Heres Some:
Go to a night on the town and just hang out and talk
have a dance party! all you need is your favorite music and some awesome decorations
Go to a beach and have fun relaxing or playing sports
have a desert bash! (everyone makes theyre favorite desert and the birthday girl is the judge)
go to a muscial/play/ballet
go to a coffee house and chill


That is kind of prejudice when you said "nothing American"

Well i am 18, and you should go to a club and dance you butts off

Okay well I'm American so I don't think you want my help!

ur 16..and you OBVESLY want drink???
u hav all ur life to drink, do it on ur 21st, or 18th at least.....not on ur 16th

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