What foods should I make for my party?!

Question: What foods should I make for my party?
I am hosting a Durex party with around 16-20 of my girl friends. I am hoping to get some good ideas for foods to make for the party. I dont want anything to complex but I dont want something extremely simple either. What are you ideas?


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Unless you have a very large dining table where everyone can sit at the same time, I would suggest going for finger foods - bruschetta, stuffed bread, strawberries, portobello mushrooms, spring rolls, double baked potatoes, tiny sandwiches, miniature pizzas, or basically tiny versions of everything. You'll want to serve food that your guests can eat while standing up, preferably without cutlery, because they'll have a hard enough time keeping track of which glass is theirs.

Mozarella sticks
can't go wrong with pizza
assorted fruit kabobs with chocolate fountain
pepporonis w/ cheese cubes w/ olives on toothpick
cocktail sausages w/ pineapples w/ olives n cheese cubes on toothpicks
chicken w/ diff. sauces
chips and salsa
jelly beans
lil mini sausages
deviled eggs
pizza rolls
mini cinnamon rolls
and icecream

Small chipolatas - celery boats - mini scotch eggs using quails eggs - and ignore the rubbish posted by the SPAM bloke with his automated answer !

Pizza, grilled cheese, macaroni, pasta, salad, lasagna, chicken, california rolls.

you should have it mini theme (shrimp, burgers, veggies, chips, fruit punch, and dessert shot glasses)

dip pizza

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