What are some extreme fear factor food ideas that i can use for a party?!

Question: What are some extreme fear factor food ideas that i can use for a party?
I want extreme food ideas like real fried grasshoppers and live eatable worms. What other things can i use to really freak people out and make the competition challenging?


According to a survival book that I have, all animals are edible except toads. Of course if animals have poison glands, like some snakes, you have to remove the glands. So, gather together all the creepy crawlies you can find. Flies may carry disease, so not a good idea. You could try live goldfish (awwww...poor goldfish) or raw eggs. How about blood?

you could use fried cockroaches because on the history channel they said the fried or boiled cockroaches are good for you

ALL earthworm species are toxic, so it is fearsome to eat them.

try meal worms and frog legs

put frog legs on top of a pop tart and top it off with mustard and whipped cream

go to your local store and buy weird things like pigs feet, or frog legs

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