My 18th birthday in 5 months! HELP!!!!!?!

Question: My 18th birthday in 5 months! HELP!!!!!?
Okay so i am gonna be 18 in march... And i want a party. im thinking bout house party but itll probably get trashed :') Erm.. halls dont serve alcohol to 17 year olds
i want it to be classy and smart
I am on a budget
so how can i make it the best 18th birthday to kick all othe r18 bday butts!!!!

Thanks ;)


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-you can take a huge tarp and lay it out in some sort of grassed area and put tons of jello on it and do a slip and jelllo!!!

-take a big block of ice and sit on it or layyour stomach on it and go down a hill with it

-elitches? (party package)

-go to Villige Inn at like 12am and get pie! (ive done it =])

-ice skating?

-have all your friends dress funny and just go out in public (mall)

-go to a park and play on the play set, it sounds lame but once you get into it its alot more fun than you would think

-can you drive? clown pack the car and drive around town!

-go to Walmart(its the cheapest) and buy a lotta candy and pop and just hang out in your room and listen to music and chill

thats all i have for now! happy (early) birthday!!

get a bunch of your friends and rent a cabin in the woods

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