good alcohol that isn't too pricey?!

Question: Good alcohol that isn't too pricey?
I'm having a friend pick me up some alcohol but i only have 250 bucks a month for necessities (food and other stuff) so i need some that are cheapish, decent in taste (though I can stand it if it's not amazing of course), and decently strong. i don't mean knock out after a few swallows, but so that I don't take a bunch and feel nothing you know? i like malibu rum, but maybe it's too expensive in general, and i heard that the 99 drinks are pretty good (99 apples, bananas, etc) and such. also with beer i need a good idea. i got used to german beer so i don't know much about america. any help would be grand. thanks


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99 drinks are pretty good. 99 bananas is pretty sick stuff. To be frank, though, just get your 21 year old bud to get you a handle of rasp. smirnoff and mix it with 7up (diet of course) if you're picky (I assume you're a girl?). Later when you get a job there're A) (good job) lots of great liquors to get you drunk or (B) (psyc. major) plenty of cheap booze that you're used to by now, to get you drunk.


Just buy the watered down versions from the grocery store instead of the State Liquour store. It is cheaper with less alcohol in it but you will still get your jollys.

Trader Joe's has a good variety of wines in all price ranges--like two buck chuck. i like their almond sparkling wine.

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