14th birthday? November? :)?!

Question: 14th birthday? November? :)?
14th birthday? November? :)?
So I am going to be turning 14 in November. I am in high school so I want to do something. I haven't had a 'party' for the past few years, so I want one! (: Haha. We don't have a 'price limit' set yet...So any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


um u could have a masquerade ball (come in disguise with a mask) as a party and it could be a classy but fun time with lots of friends you could even invite the opposite sex would be a load of fun. it would be a big hit with yummy foods like sushi served on large platters, u could make some mocktails (non alcohil drink) using fruit punches,juices,fizzy drinks,lemon lime and bitters,soda water ..u could mix a few of these togehter a find ur perfect drink to be served.

have a party play spin the bottle "great game i love it" or there's this other game i dunno what it is is called but you blind fold a member of the party and stick like fruit , veg chocolate or what ever in their mouth and they have to guess what it is , it can be anything you like could be good could be bad. and maybe you can go to an arcade something after or go to the cinema

Famous birthdays for the 14th of November. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and criminals were born on 14 November.

Maybe you should invite your closest friends to go to the mall with you and then out to eat and then back to your house to spend the night

The next Harry Potter movie opens on Nov. 19. Maybe you could go to the movie.

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