what age can a child start working like example mc donalds?!

Question: What age can a child start working like example mc donalds?
what age can a child start working like example mc donalds?????


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Depending on if your state requires minors to have a work permit or not, I would guess 15 or 16. My granddaughter works at Pizza Hut as a waitress and got that job at 16.

Well the earliest age legally your allowed to work is 13 and this is usualy as a paperboy/girl. You are able to work in a shop or resturant from the age of 15 but most often the average working age is 16+. 18 you are able to work in a bar and so on.

If your looking for a job and your under the age of fithteen be a little creative. I use to make seasonal cards, calandas, recipie boxes and so on and id sell them locally. I use to make alot of money this way.

15years & 9months,
Im only 18 myself and started working at 16 and i have worked a few places as long as they have there NIS card which they receive at 15yrs and 9mnths they can start working, although some people dont employ until 16.

like 15-16 most grocery store fast food joints video store etc hire around 15 16 years of age
u dont need workers perment

16, need a working permit from school....

when they get there license. they need to mature and learn how to take care of themselves.

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