sweet 16 birthday party ... help?!

Question: Sweet 16 birthday party ... help?
So im turning 16 in February.. And i have no idea what to do . Im kinda shy but not around the people i now i dont wanna embarrass myself. Its going to be guys and girls. What should I do ? ahh help.
Thanks meghan :)


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Invite as many people as you want to, don't invite people unless you want them there. Booze but with drugs only if you want them there and lots of food!!! Nothing like a bad party when you're drunk and there's no food or alcohol left hahaha also a cake!!!!

Don't spend too much money. But if there are alot of guests coming then yes you would need to spend alot of money. I remember my friend in such a pretty dress so first thing pick out a dress,some heels,and accessories. Second thing you need to decide where you wanna have your party your house or like rental place whichever. Thirdly, you need to pick a theme like for example:
Movie star
Then once you pick your them find props and decorations and start decorating the place your having it at. Put props up. Fourth, make invitations invite all your friends and family members. Make a list of who your inviting and request a secruity guard or something to stand outside and let them in. Fith you'll need to make a big entrance whatever your theme is try to make your entrance go along with your theme. By the way if you could and if you could afford it try buying a big ice scuplture shaped out of you or anything you want. Sixth, go car shopping try to pick out the best car you want and tell your parents probably your parents will get you a car for ur sweet 16. Seventh, You need to get food try catering. Get salad,soup,appetizers,dinner,and dessert cater alot of food. Make goodie bags for everybody. Last of all try getting a really good DJ who plays great music. Have the DJ do contests and stuff. Hope I Helped!!

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Set up a BIG party at your house and buy alot of party items, food, cake, drinks, and more. Sent an invitation to tons of people.

hey :-)
for your 16th its got to be big so just get alot of people from your school and a cool place :-) andcake you need a cake ;D

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