What are good foods to bring to a party?!

Question: What are good foods to bring to a party?
Okay, so I just had my birthday party, at a hotel, and it was AWESOME! Everyone agreed. So much that we decided that it would be so cool, the day before halloween, to have another hotel sleepover. The whole thing for my birthday cost about $150, for food and room. We could divide the cost for the room by 6 of us, and bring our own food instead of buying a party tray. And we decided where we could sleep, and that my mom would be the best adult at the party (not a hover mom, lets us do what we want as long as we stick together. She is not the ind of person who thinks something terrible will happen if she doesn't come with 6 12-almost 14 year old girls) and we know where the stuff in the hotel is and the pool hours, so all that's left is the food.

Normally, for family parties, my mom makes an eggplant dip and I make tapenade. But, once again, the ages are 12-14, and that won't work. I don't want to have to make boring pasta salad, or sandwiches. So I want ideas of things you can make, in a big bowl, that people tend to like.

The pickiness varies. 2 of them are super picky, the rest are just a tad picky. The super picky ones will have to eat what they bring if they don't like our food. But remember, the age group will probably not want olive spread that looks funny.

Also, the hotel has a fridge, but it is small and there isn't much room between the racks, and there is a little microwave.


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guacomale with nachos or doritos and some kind of creamy salsa or chives dip would be nice.. trifle, peach cobbler, humus and bread sticks and other finger foods... and then go for some 'mixed rice' so you could do spicy mexican or jamaican style rice and peas, some sweet sour rice with grilled chicken or whatever and then take some tortilla wraps and salad so people can mix and match some of their own

I recommend you bring either fudge or brownies! They don't have to be refrigerated or heated. They are not as messy as cookies or cupcakes, with all their crumbs. Also, vegetable plates with dip are great for teens, who are always watching their weights. Have Fun!

Coleslaw,Potato Salad,Egg Salad,Deviled Eggs,Pizzelles,you should use orange,yellow,or black food coloring for a touch of color because it is the day before Halloween.

Mozarella sticks
assorted fruit kabobs with chocolate fountain
chicken w/ diff. sauces
jelly beans
deviled eggs
pizza rolls

You guys can make Puppy Chow! (No, not REAL dog food...)
But look at this recipe!
It's a fun snack, and doesn't require refrigeration.

..mini frozen corn dogs
..mini frozen tacos
..mini frozen cheeseburgers
..chicken nuggets

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