Should I go for a party or not?!

Question: Should I go for a party or not?
Hi, Maybe it's a silly question to ask but I want different opinions.

So my friend wants me to go with her to a halloween party for people age 13-16 and I won't know anyone there apart from her and basically it's a disco and I'm not an amazing dancer so I'm full of worries should I go or not?What do you think?


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You should go, you're going for your friend, not for other people that you don't know. And who knows, you might make some really amazing friends there. No one will care if you can't dance, you don't have to dance, no one's going to make you. And just have your ride know that you might be leaving early in case things get awkward and bring a cell phone so you can call your ride early just in case. If you don't go you'll never know how much fun you would have had, and how many cool people you would have met.

Your question is not silly at all, it's perfectly natural to be slightly shy we're going to be an environment that's full of people that you're not familiar with. However it's the little things like this in life that help you grow as an individual. You can't spend the rest of your life attempting to avoid parties and or uncomfortable social situations. So take the plunge attend the party and most of all have fun you'd be surprised how friendly people can be if you simply take the time to walk up, smile, and say hi.

Hope this helps,

Years and years of experience.

Go for it! Sounds fun. After a while, the party spirit will be in everyone and all the people will be trying to dance goofy

Sure go for it!! If your friend invited you she's not gonna leave you loner. Go! Have only live once right!? :)

are there any people whom you like? if yes, I think you should go

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