Things I need for my Sweet 16 Glow in the Dark Party?!

Question: Things I need for my Sweet 16 Glow in the Dark Party?
Hey everyone. I don′t know what to do for my 16th birthday. My party isn′t till next year but anyways I wanted to start to come up with ideas. Some of my friends have the idea of the beautiful big puffy dress everything pink or princess like things. I really don′t want that. I want a Glow-In-The- party. My mom seams ok with the idea. Just wondering what might I ask to my guests to wear. Like they could wear neon clothes or bright colors. I will buy black lights which are like uv lights. Also, my mom said we could buy everything that glows. Like drinking glasses, eyeglasses, necklaces, bracelets and even ice cubes. She also said we could buy neon paint and glow in the dark paint. Also LED stuff. Anyways could you guys give me any ideas or suggestions about this?

Thanks for the help !


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SWEET! Okay, first, your dress. What style? Like mini dress or ball gown? I think a hot pink and neon green ballgown would rock. Anything glow in the dark would so be awesome, since its halloween stuff now you could stock up

What you could do is buy those fluorescent lights and make everybody where white. So when they come into the dance part it would look so cool... Your ideas are cool so that a must. It doesnt matter what your friends think, its your party so k. Don't buy the glow in the dark paint because it will stain your clothes and will not come off. ( believe me, I've been in those sittuations) :) hope this helps :DDD

About LED you could see:

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