what can i do at my 14th birthday party coming up?!

Question: What can i do at my 14th birthday party coming up?
there is going to be lots of us and all girls. and so far all i planned is for us to do fashion show and getting our pictures taken with a fancy supper and a sleep over... What else can I do ?


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1. watch movies bout fashion or a comedy
2. play 'never have i ever'
3. truth crap (i.e. deepest darkest secret)
4. talk about boy, gossip, etc
5. make a time capsule and like a few years later open it up (do not have to dig in ground)
6. do karaoke its always fun
7. play guitar hero or a fun video game where every1 takes turns
8. maybe have a scavenger hunt around or outside your house
9. do each others hair, makeup, nails
10. eat lotsss of candy, or sugary stuff
11. make prank calls
thts all i can think of hope it helps:)

one time i went to a party where it was like game night and there were lots of card tables with different classic games and party games like monopoly,imagine iff,apples to apples, and everyone could just choose a game and play and if you one you got a prize (hair ties, make-up, nail polish, etc.)

there was also some really cool party games,

like a crime scene and you had to figure out who dun' it (clue)

there are these markers where you can write on walls and it comes right off. (if you can't find those you can use duck-tape) and you draw pictures on the walls (or tape it) and the other team tries to figure out what it is (pictionary)

and i'm sure there are tons of other things you could do.

for favor bags everyone got a deck of playing cards, some dice, some stickers that had pictures of dice,checker boards, etc. and the rest of the prizes we didn't use.

You could play games like catch phrase and apples to apples.
Watch some chick flicks
Paint nails
Play truth or dare

just some ideas

My party was at a hotel, and it rocked. So I have no ideas. But why not establish your budget first. (And if you want a hotel party, they can be cheap too)

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