what are some party food ideas? more like snacks?!

Question: What are some party food ideas? more like snacks?

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Here are a few Appetizers and Snacks
Deviled Eggs
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches cute in half
Cheese Quesadillas cut into quarters
Mini Tacos
Pigs In A Blanket
Mini Corn Dogs

A few dips
Chili Cheese Dip
Salsa Dip

Make your own pizzas. =D
1) Use pitas or naan bread.
2) Supply different meats, cheeses, vegetable options.
3) They can go in the oven a few at a time, and don't take long. Just till the cheese is melted and a bit brown at the edges - I suggest 350 F.

Yogurt and Fruit.
1) Have a few different flavours of yogurt in large containers (the ones you buy at the supermarket).
2) Buy a bit of granola.
3) Have some fruit cut up and ready to pop in!

Fondue. If you have a warmer and forks, that is.
1) Toblerone chocolate is amazing in fondue.
2) Firm fruits cut into manageable, bite sized chunks. Strawberries, Bananas, etc.
3) Dip away! So much fun, it can be a little messy!
1) Oil, heating in the fondue bowl.
2) Small pieces of meat, preferably not chicken (needs to be a meat you can eat rare just in case).
3) Put the meat on the forks and submerge them in the hot oil. They will cook right away.
4) Have a couple dipping sauces around for after the meat is cooked...delicious!

Crackers and cheese....
1) Layer ritz crackers with havarti or some other creamy cheese.
2) Season the top lightly with basil, oregano, dill, etc.
3) Lightly grease the pan.
4) Pop into a 250F oven until the cheese is melty and delicious.
5) These are fabulous when dipped into a hot sauce.

Catering PRO

One that I make and goes very fast is called shrimp bites. Get a pound or however much you need of shrimp, the medium to large size fresh, it needs to be cleaned of shells and tails so you can buy and do it yourself or buy already done. Take garlic (i use already made in the bottle with olive oil chopped) like a tblsp or 2 per pound, like half bottle bbq sauce, again use your judgement per shrimp, and put in tupperware with closed lid, marinate at least 24 hours, every so often toss it. After your marinating, take a pound or two of bacon and softly broil, let cool off, then wrap each piece of bacon around marinated shrimp and secure with toothpick, line them all on baking sheet, bake at 400 for like 8 minutes, check on them, shrimp should be pink of course. Enjoy.

Chips and dip.
Veggie platter.
Fruit salad.
Cold cuts and cheese slices platter with crackers.

Ice cream sundae station: Nothing is more fun that picking ice creams and toppings and mixing them in your bowl your self!
or mini sandwich station.

Sausage rolls,Pita bread and dips,Chips and dips,Fruits to dips in chocolate.

dip fruit sandwich chip soda

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