What can I do at my 16th masquerade birthday party?!

Question: What can I do at my 16th masquerade birthday party?
I really want a masquerade party for my 16th next year. I discussed it with my mom and she agreed, but when she asked what do you do at a masquerade, I was stumped. So what exactly do you do at a masquerade? The place that I found, that isn't too expensive, is a beautiful, historic place so I'd want a victorian theme...girls in evening gowns, boys in tuxes. What could I do, I could have contests for the bst dressed, most creative, etc. The place I chose isn't huge, a dance could be possible, but it would be during the day, from about noon-7. I was also thinking about having a "16 candles and roses theme" included in my masquerade theme. Where the girls would have a candle and say a speech and the boys would have a rose and I would dance with them. But I would have to choose 16 boys and girls.
Feel free to add more ideas or comment on what I have suggested.


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Sweet 16 is such a special birthday for kids ... it's often thought of as ... my daughter is having her 16th masquerade party in a couple days. we ... What kind of music would go w this? and do u hav any ideas where i can find a mask @? ...

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