Will this feed 75 people?!

Question: Will this feed 75 people?
I'm getting married and my mom, aunt and I are doing the cooking for the reception, but more people are showing than expected (a lot of them did not RSVP on time, so now this is making it difficult). We ordered already 50 pieces of chicken (it had to be in a week in advance, which was friday, but these people didn't let us know until today and the wedding is this friday 10/15/10), a ham which the deli said would serve 25 people, a huge thing of mashed potatoes, a lot of pasta salad, a lot of green bean (4 of the big cans from Sam's Club), a lot of corn (4 of the large cans from Sam's Club), 60 dinner rolls, and a cake that serves 64 people. Will this feed 75 people? The party is from 6 pm-10 pm and I want there to be enough food.


I agree with others above - not going to be enough food.

See if you can get another ham. Then you have ham for fifty. And you only have 50 pieces of chicken. See if you can get another 25 pieces.

Rolls - get another 20-30.

Get some green salad.

The cake will be fine - not a lot of people eat cake and you could always cut them really small too.

Yea, people are rude when it comes to RSVP. They don't get it.

Good luck. You'll be fine.

It depends. If you are plating the food you just might make it but if it's a buffet i won't be enough. People will take a little of everything and the last people won't have anything.

buy more dinner rolls many people enjoy those so u would run out
and dont have it out for a buffet cuz then everything will be gone fast

You may be short if 75 ppl do show up..
Make a green lettuce salad too.
I would do 2 hams
80 buns.


i don't think that would be enough..

get more chicken even if u have to bake it yourself. pieces are best it was rude of the people not to rsvp but since they are coming running out of food would be really bad. u can get the big bags of chicken already cut up at sam's club. and maybe another ham. or maybe throw in a few pans of baked ziti instead of the meats? but most people will load up on the meat and not the salads. u will have to cut the pieces of cake smaller to accommodate the rest of the people or get a regular cake on the side. if the wedding cake is a white cake get a chocolate full sheet cake. good luck..

Not enough food for that much people especially the extras who didn't RSVP. If people are serving them selves you really won't have enough food because people tend to over-serve - grabbing 2 rolls instead of 1 and men eat more than women sometimes twice as much. If you can recruit some helpers to serve, that would be best. They can control the portions.
People who don't like green beans won't eat them and that includes little kids.
I'd find more chicken and another ham. Get more rolls at least 40 more.
It doesn't sound like you are making everything from scratch so with the canned stuff, grab a couple more cans.
Get another extra sheet cake for when you run out of the wedding cake.

If you're doing it buffet style there is no way... you could try calling the place your getting the chicken from and explaining what happened... since its your wedding day they might bend the rules for you. I'd pick up some more dinner rolls from Sam's seeing as most people don't just eat one roll with dinner. As for the cake you should be fine, some people tend to skip out on wedding cake all together. But if your worried about it have you considered getting a grooms cake? You can have it made at wal-mart for under 30.00 and they will feed at least 20. I'd do another ham if I were you.. just to be on the safe side. As for veggies... sounds good that's a lot of corn and green beans.

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