We're having a huge party, and we would like some help!?!

Question: We're having a huge party, and we would like some help!?
Me and my friends are planning to have a huge party, for the heck of it. Over one hundred people? Please, no hate or stupid answers.

We're wondering first off, WHERE is it a good place to have it? If it's going to be somewhere, let's try making it affordable. We're not millionaires.

What are some good plans to do during the party? We already have the usual party stuff planned out, truth or dare and all that kind of stuff. Let's keep it as clean as possible.

Should there be an entrance fee? I personally don't think it's a good idea, but my friends are so on to it because the party IS going to be pretty pricey.

Some restrictions? Like, once you leave you can't come back? BODYGUARDS (lol)?! No dirty dancing.

Food? Chocolate fountains?

Decorations? Fog machine, disco lights?

Thank you! If you can think of any other ideas, that would be great!

PS. We're not spoiled. We're not snobby girls. We're not like that.


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You did not mention, where you are living.


Don't worry! You should give personal party at personal place i.e. house of any friend or hire a hall nearer your location.

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