Birthday Party ideas...?!

Question: Birthday Party ideas...?
Its my friend's 17th this saturday, and im trying to think of a fun way to celebrate. As its only on saturday, we dont have much time to plan, so it cant be too complicated or expensive. There will be about 10 of us, mixture of guys and girls. If we go to her house, what are some activities we could do? Themes? Games? Other places we could go instead? Thankyou! :)


Something that's always fun is to is go to a fancy dinner. But, make it surprise. Get everyone to dress up in fancy clothes (Girls-dresses, Guys- polo's, ties, etc.) Pick a nice place. California Pizza Kitchen or Firebirds (If you have those) or some place nice at your local mall, without spending to much money. Get her up in her nice clothes and say it's just the two of you going to dinner. Than surprise her without your group. Than go to someone's house. If you have a projector, than on the side of your deck, put up a big white sheet. Than project a Movie on the screen, with many snacks. And If possible let the girls sleep in a tent outside. (Watch a Scary movie to intencify the experience) Hope you have a Fun Time!!

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Make some mix cds and dance to your own hand-picked tunes.

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