I'm having a sleepover, any ideas?!

Question: I'm having a sleepover, any ideas?
I'm having a sleepover, and there's gonna be 9 of us girls. Any ideas for some fun things to do? Also, I need to figure out which movies we are going to watch. No activities involving really loud things though. Please help??


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I found a website that has a few activities you can choose from like:

1.funky flip flops: just get a pair of cheap flip flops and decorate them.
2.decorate pillowcases to remember the sleepover by
3.make undersBuy some make-up and put it out somewhere. At the slumber party tell your friends to sit in a circle around it and grab what they like. Then draw numbers or roll a die and whoever is first gets to pick a partner and give then a make-under.
4. truth or dare.
5. do facials toe nails finger nails hair
6. tell a scary story
7. make cookies or cupcakes

The website has more things

letters to juliet
the karate kid
tooth fairy
marley and me
the hangover
the lost boys


I just had something similar at the weekend- we did a games tournament. It included outside games like a scavenger hunt (find 3 objects first) and inside games like the dairy milk/mars bar game (taking turns to throw a dice, if you get a six you have to put on gloves, scarf and hat then use a fork and knife to cut a square of chocolate before someone else throws a six) or fluffy bunnies (fitting in as many marshmallows into ur mouth as possible and trying to say fluffy bunnies). Anyway the winner overall (we used a point system) got to choose the movie we watched. We also had a chocolate fountain later on.

maybe you could have the ingredients for everyone to make their own "customized" homemade pizzas. Dipping things is always fun too, so you could do fondue.

I would watch "chick-flicks" or romance (any Nicholas Sparks movies)

You could give each other mani/pedis too!

Have fun.

invite me around !

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