I'm planning a surprise picnic for my boyfriend tomorrow, ideas?!

Question: I'm planning a surprise picnic for my boyfriend tomorrow, ideas?
Here is what I plan on doing...

Making him "mud" dessert (its his favorite childhood dessert.)
-turkey+ham and cheese sandwiches.

I am taking
-a blanket
-bug spray
-and my laptop to watch a movie we have been wanting to see together.

I am debating whether to go to a nearby neighborhood that has new, vacant houses (we can sit in the backyards),or by staying at school somewhere. The only thing I'm worried about is it being either really hot, or really sunny (glare on the laptop)

Any suggestions as to where we can have this picnic?


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Have it more towards the evening.

You should def. make it an evening picnic. Who says it has to be during the early day? If you have it in the evening, and time it right, you can eat while the sun is still up and as the sun goes down, you can talk and then it will be dark enough to watch the movie together. Do it somewhere you wont be afraid at night. :)

As a guy, I say that I'm in love with you already. What a lucky boyfriend you have.

Anyway, it's up to the guy on his 'preference' Is he an outdoors kind of guy or does he like the comforts of civilization? If he's outdoorsy, then the more secluded the better. Big beautiful stars.

If he likes parks but not 'nature' then maybe a nice park with a scenic view.

Nice touch on the lap top. (man, I'm too old to have thought of that). Take a power cord that you can plug into your lighter incase the battery goes dead.

That sounds like an awesome date.

Good luck!

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