17th Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: 17th Birthday Party Ideas?
To avoid the drama of excluding a few people I didn't want to come to my party, I've decided to only invite two girls. I don't need a big party, however, i do want a realllly fun party.

We are going to be watching "the wizard of oz" because i LOVE that movie and one of the girl hasn't seen it.

I am very picky on food. I don't like cake/cupcakes/chocolate and i don't eat ice cream. SOO, haha, i have decided to have pumpkin pie for my october birthday and peach frozen yogurt which is SOOOOO good :) I don't like pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, or anything spicy. What should we have for dinner?

What should we do besides watching that movie? I love doing stuff that requires we go somewhere. Idk if we should go swimming at a rec. center, ice skating, or wat? Does anyone have so fun ideas that involve malls? NO VANDALISM haha, however, ideas like mall tag or hide n go seek? Idk....copying people? some sort of game for malls? Somewhere fun to go? Pet store/shelter? idk...maybe somewhere we can go to make something that would be fun/cool?



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You should go roller skating at the park or ice skating. You could do eachother's makeup and have like a fashion show at your house. Prank call random people. Have vanilla covered strawberries, play boardgames, invent games, play ding dong ditch && go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.

limo rides :D


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