Tips on planning a suprise party for a friend?!

Question: Tips on planning a suprise party for a friend?
My friend and I are planning a suprise party in June for our close friend who is turning 14. My friend is going to help and the party is at my house.
Any tips on how to make this a fun party ect? I'm having the party in my backyard (which is pretty big), I have a trampoline, and I was thinking about letting them go in the basement too since there's video games and a pool table.
Thanks in advance.


If the weather is nice then have some soft drinks in fancy plastic cups with toothpicks of maraschino cherries and melon pieces on them.

Have a barbeque with hamburgers and hot dogs and salads . Have a nice table set outside with comfortable chairs. Some balloons on trees tied on with ribbons.

Have chips and dips too. Have some jump on the trampoline but also some play video games. Try and keep everyone in one spot so that you have some kind of control over what is happening.

Have them all go downstairs to start and then all go outside to the yard for lunch. Have a stereo set up outside so you can play music. Badminton net and rackets, or horseshoes to throw, or spin the bottle if there are boys there.

Have a nice cake and after she is finished opening her gifts , give everyone at the table a goody bag with some cute things in them. So everyone feels like they get to go home with something. A few cookies in a bag with a bow, a CD , a inexpensive piece of jewellery like a bracelet or something like that. They will all feel important then and never forget the party.

Make sure you videotape it too so you can watch it later.

looks like you have it planned out, chill in the backyard put some music on, then move to the basement and get ****** up .... sike naw i mean move to the basement and play video games!

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