Tips on throwing a suprise party?!

Question: Tips on throwing a suprise party?
My friend and I are planning a suprise party in June for our close friend who is turning 14. My friend is going to help and the party is at my house.
Any tips on how to make this a fun party ect? I'm having the party in my backyard (which is pretty big), I have a trampoline, and I was thinking about letting them go in the basement too since there's video games and a pool table.
Thanks in advance.


Sounds fun! If you're inviting a lot of people, don't tell a lot of people about it until 3 weeks before the party. They might accidentally let it slip! Have some music, and maybe some cupcakes or cake. Also, you might want to talk to the birthday girl's mom before so you guys can plan how she's going to get there. Have guests come 30 min before the birthday girl comes and be sure to know where everyone is going to hide.

Sounds fun! Here's some surprise party ideas…
and some more fun 14th birthday party ideas…

Have fun!

I think that it sounds great! Put on some music, have food or munchies, a cooler full of soft drinks and bottles of water and have a great time. A scavenger hunt is always fun, too.

ITS AMAZING try this, it rocks!

Don't turn it into a huge event just 4 or 5 people. I heard bad stories about people having surprise parties and they hated it.

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