If tomorrow you could eat anything you wanted for dinner and dessert what would it be.?!

Question: If tomorrow you could eat anything you wanted for dinner and dessert what would it be.?
No restrictions, if you normally can't eat sugar or fat or alcohol you can now. :) You won't gain weight.

I would eat roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mashed rutabaga with butter. Cheetos, the puffy ones. Spicy tuna rolls, and canned peaches. And fried red potatos.

For dessert I would have french vanilla ice cream with all the fixings, marshmallow cream, chocolate sauce, Carmel, sprinkles and whipped cream. Maybe even a cherry. And some custard pie.

To drink I would drink oolong tea, and some sort of fruity girlie drink like sex on the beach.

I'm pregnant btw. And this the first week my morning sickness has stopped, now all food sounds great. I won't be eating this stuff obviously, but its fun to day dream. :)


All different kinds of sushi. tuna, eel, salmon.
A soft shell crab sandwich
A lobster roll
a small bowl of mashed potatoes
a quality root beer to drink
homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert
a mojito
a Churchill cigar

Hmm. I'm hungry right now so it's hard to decide, haha!

I could really go for a nice steak Filet cooked Medium-Rare, with some steamed mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and a big baked potato topped with butter, sour creme and chives for sides.

For dessert I would love a fresh out of the oven chocolate fudge brownie with a nice big scoop of cold French Vanilla ice cream on the side. Love the party in my mouth with the cold and hot together :)

Tuna sashimi and coconut shrimp for starters.
A huge ribeye steak with buttermilk mashed potatoes and cesar salad.
Creme brulee and chocolate cheese cake for dessert.

You're really lucky that your morning sickness stopped. I was terribly sick 24 hours a day from week 6 until I delivered at week 37. I actually ended up losing 25lbs during my pregnancy! I have my fingers crossed that you will stay feeling healthy :)

My moms meatloaf, onion rings with zesty sauce from Burger King, baked potato, cheesy biscuits, and fried shrimp.

For dessert I would have a slice of chocolate pie with whipped cream and chopped nuts on top.

To drink I'd have sweet iced tea.

your making me hungry

I would eat for dinner like loads of pizza, Hokkin fried rice and sushi -999 Celsius coke!!!
and marshmallows in a chocolate fountain!!! YUM

Veal Parmesan with spaghetti and buttered broccoli.
Chocolate pudding

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